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Thought Leadership

Are U.S. Hotels Ready for ‘Revenge Travel’ from China?

China is set to relax international travel restrictions following three years of strict quarantine policies. In 2019, China stood as the fifth-largest contributor of international travelers to the United States, with nearly 3 million visitors, as outlined in the International Trade Association’s “China—Country Commercial Guide.” With Chinese travelers gearing up for a comeback, hotels should..

How Eroding Customer Satisfaction Impacts Profit

As hotel demand returns to pre-COVID levels (or exceeds it in the case of destination resorts), hotels are facing new challenges particularly as it relates to the guest experience. Staffing shortages, supply chain challenges and reduced or modified levels of service show their scars throughout the industry. What has changed? Customers are voicing discontent. If..

Michelle Russo of Hotel Asset Value Enhancement on How to Create a Travel Experience that Keeps People Coming Back for More

Enhanced technology — digital chat functions that address guest requests (instead of calling the operator and possibly being put on hold or getting the request wrong), increased adoption of mobile check in, and technology for other transactional purposes including making spa or restaurant reservations, ordering a drink by the pool, or to request a late..

Why corporate travel will never be the same

At its post-COVID peak in 2021, corporate travel indexed at 80 percent of 2019 levels while leisure travel exceeded 2019 levels. All signs are positive for the return of travel. Airports, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues are busy but corporate travel is still lagging. So why is corporate travel not catching up?   Read the..

Travel Daily News article on Branded All-Inclusive Reports

Branded All-Inclusive; Hotel Asset Management Once considered primarily a hospitality segment catering to budget-conscious travelers, today’s major all-inclusive companies offer a sophisticated guest experience and a wide array of amenities and services at various price points. These customized and high-end products and services help create lasting memories among a more demanding clientele. Read Full..