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Maintaining and Enhancing Performance in Times of Change

Hotel operators today are challenged to perform on all fronts: running a complex business, managing to a budget, maintaining brand standards, retaining and managing talent, and ensuring customers are satisfied.  At the same time, owners seek sustainable returns.

hotelAVE’s operational effectiveness division, supports owners and operating teams over the course of a 12-week on-site phase by quantifying, prioritizing and installing best practices and efficiency tools that result in ongoing improvements to operations while improving guest experience.  Each week thereafter, we continue to interact with the hotel team and monitor data to ensure continued achievement of the installed results. Our operational effectiveness projects consistently achieve meaningful, long term improvement and average 4x return on cost in the first year of implementation.

Through the application of industry best practices and customized tools, our multi-disciplinary team works side-by-side with your managers and employees to identify and then implement processes, forecasting, and productivity enhancements.  The results go beyond management and hourly labor, benchmarking other department costs, and bidding service contracts to also include a full and complete review of non-rooms revenue, menu engineering, and hours of operation analysis.

While most often retained by owners, we change the way that hospitality managers operate and utilize data at every level of the organization to enhance owner returns. Through building tools for managers with the most relevant data, we make it easy for a manager to better forecast and measure operational effectiveness so our installed process changes stick.

High-end hotel bar within the portfolio of operational efficiency and operational objectives firm, hotelAVE
Our Operational Effectiveness Services

The team leverages a wide range of expertise to provide our clients with a range of operational effectiveness services, including:

  • Labor Efficiency
  • F&B Profitability
  • New Hotel Development/ Pre-Opening Staffing Models
"hotelAVE's operational focus and insight into how to extract value from entrenched operators/managers directly impacted a turnaround of our hotel that allowed value creation we could not have achieved on our own."
MD, Head of Real Estate, Access Holdings