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Data + Experts = Insights + Opportunity

hotelAVE offers a complete suite of services for owners at all critical phases of an investment cycle, including acquisitions, underwriting and due diligence, manager selection and contract negotiation, franchise selection, development planning, renovation and repositioning analysis, asset management, refinancing services, and dispositions. Backed by years of hospitality industry expertise and advanced data and industry insights, we take bold and impactful stands for our owners and operators and provide and implement solutions that work.

Asset Management


Investment Management

Operational Efficiency

Lender Services

We leverage an unmatched understanding of the complexities of the hospitality industry in order to deliver bold, innovative outcomes.

We provide customized advice to owners, lenders and investors on the most critical issues throughout the ownership life cycle of hospitality and real estate assets.

hotelAVE develops investment management services tailored to owners and investors of hospitality and other alternative assets.

A team of hotel operational experts working side by side with hotel operators to install best practices and operational improvements for sustainable, long term savings.

hotelAVE assists with all the unique operational and real estate related challenges associated with hotel real estate lending cycle.

"hotelAVE's operational focus and insights into how to extract value from entrenched operators/managers directly impacted a turnaround of our hotel that allowed value creation we could not achieve on our own."
MD, Head of Real Estate, Access Holdings