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Thought Leadership

Hotel Asset Management: A Guide

While general real estate asset management has existed for decades, hotel asset management evolved as a specialization beginning in the early 1990s, and for good reason.  To maximize hotel real estate value, owners need hotel asset managers qualified un-biased advocates with specific expertise in hotel operations, real estate and capital markets.    Interested in learning more..

Beyond Benchmarking – A simple statistical approach to unlocking value in food and beverage pricing

When hotel managers determine the prices associated with room revenue, they apply a rigorous approach that draws on industry and market data. This allows hotel managers to optimize room pricing for their market, balancing supply, demand, services, and brand. Considering the rigor applied to room revenue pricing decisions, it is remarkable that the approach to..

Distressed Hotels a Waiting Game for Those Interested

Hotel owners and operators looking to pick up distressed assets have had to wait longer than previously expected, but industry experts believe those opportunities will arise later this year. During the “Dissecting Distressed Hotels” panel at the online Americas Lodging Hotel Investment Summit Winter Update, hotel executives said owners of troubled properties have been able..

Market in Decline? – It’s time to focus on fundamentals and implement these metrics and operational strategies to maximize financial performance during declining economic periods

Industry prognosticators continue to revise the U.S. lodging outlook downward. In a declining economic period like the one currently underway, hoteliers—including owners, asset managers, and operators—need to proactively develop and implement strategies that preserve both top and bottom lines, and best allow them to successfully navigate lean times. Here, we present and discuss a number..

Managing the Total Hotel Investment – Strategies to Maximize Owner Returns

Hotel asset value and owner returns are influenced not only by cash flow from operations, but also by many other considerations. These include acquisition cost, capital expenditure requirements, capitalization rates, the amount and cost of debt, brand and operator encumbrances, physical condition, and upside opportunities. All of these factors must be actively managed within a..

Challenging the Industry Standard Paradigm to Management Performance Tests

Hotel management agreements formalize the contract made between the hotel owner and the operator. They document the requirements, conditions and expectations placed on each party involved. Performance tests figure prominently among these.  They are included in hotel management agreements to protect an owner’s investment by allowing the owner to terminate the agreement in the event of poor performance..