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Category: Industry Insights

Challenging the Industry Standard Paradigm to Management Performance Tests

Hotel management agreements formalize the contract made between the hotel owner and the operator. They document the requirements, conditions and expectations placed on each party involved. Performance tests figure prominently among these.  They are included in hotel management agreements to protect an owner’s investment by allowing the owner to terminate the agreement in the event of poor performance..

Why Are Travelers Not Following The CDC’s Advice?

Many travelers are not following the CDC’s advice. Instead of staying home during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the government recommends, they’re going on vacation, according to the latest numbers. This is what the CDC says: “Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Postponing travel and staying home is..

How Investors Want Brand Standards to Shift

The focus for brand standards needs to change, with firmer attention on making sure owners get a return on their investments, hotel owners and asset managers said. Speaking during a meeting of the Lodging Industry Investment Council in early October, Aik Hong Tan, principal at Greenwood Hospitality Group, said the brand standards now should focus..

Is Tourism open or closed? Your fault or their failure?

A big case of he said, she said: Tourism Industry Wobbles Is Recovery Doable? The elected and appointed men and women working in Washington, DC, spend most of their time pointing fingers at each other, creating mayhem, dissention, confusion and ultimately disasters, wrecking (perhaps destroying) the world economy. One of the biggest losers in this..

The Post-Pandemic Hotel Looks a Lot Like a Cruise Ship

If you’ve ever sailed aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, a song lurks deep within your subconscious: a kiddie-style earworm about washing your hands that loops endlessly in the buffet entrance and on in-room TVs. “Wash your hands, like 50 times a day,” the tune goes, imploring passengers — with a cartoon octopus cleaning its multitude..