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Hotel lobby overseen by hotelAVE, a hospitality consulting firm providing hospitality industry insights and hotel advisory services
Tag: hotels

More Hotels Plug Into Profit Potential with EV Chargers, But Operational Pitfalls Persist

The electric vehicle revolution presents hotels with new opportunities and challenges. As EV ownership increases, making access to charging stations is crucial for guests. Hotels are adapting, transforming EV charging from a unique selling point to an expected amenity. Industry leaders like Hilton and Marriott spearhead this movement, demonstrating the industry’s commitment to meeting growing..

The Impact of QR Code Integration in Hotels

QR codes are revolutionizing the hospitality industry, from the booking confirmation to post-checkout messaging. Here are just a few ways QR codes are being used to enhance the guest experience: Arrival: QR codes can be used to provide guests with information about their room, property maps, Wi-Fi passcodes, and more. Guests can also use QR codes..

Asset Manager hotelAVE Bullish on Corporate, Group Travel Expectations

In a recent call hosted by Truist, hotelAVE an shared optimistic outlook for 2024 for corporate and group travel. Despite ongoing workplace dynamics, corporate and group travel are expected to experience significant RevPAR growth, with a projected increase of 5.8% year-over-year and a 12% improvement relative to the 2019 baseline. Other key takeaways: Challenges persist..

Want to Save Money and Reduce Utility Costs? Here’s How.

As the hotel industry addresses its energy challenges, hotelAVE offers valuable insights into cost reduction and sustainable practices. Explore strategies like energy audits, personalized energy reduction plans, and performance monitoring to efficiently cut utility expenses. From fine-tuning guestroom temperatures to adopting efficient lighting and water systems, these approaches deliver both financial savings and environmental…