Fairmont Battery Wharf - Boston, MA

Fairmount Battery Wharf
Boston, MA

Management/Franchise Selection and Contract Negotiation

hotelAVE creates significant up-front value for the hotel investor

Because of their deep backgrounds and experience, hotelAVE team members can handle the myriad details involved in selecting a new manager or franchise, thus relieving the investor of much of the work involved in these transactions.  We meet with the client to understand and clarify the end goal, including long-term plans for the asset, then lay out the critical path that will govern the process.

We review existing agreements and coordinate with the brand to meet their requirements.  After coming up with a strategic list of finalists, we prepare and submit a comprehensive RFP, then evaluate the responses, including checking references and financials.  We walk both the client and the respondents through the selection process, evaluating the presentations, and assisting in making a final decision.  Once that is done, we work with client’s counsel to prepare a draft management agreement and see the process through to the subsequent negotiations.

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From start to finish, HotelAVE stands by the owner.