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Julianna M. Saggese, CHIA, CAHTA


Contact Information
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hospitality Business, Real Estate Minor, Michigan State University

Julianna M. Saggese, CHIA, CAHTA


Julianna has more than two years of experience across the hospitality industry in asset management and operations. At hotelAVE, her responsibilities include underwriting hotel acquisitions, financial model development, benchmarking analysis, and assisting the asset management team.

Prior to joining full-time, Julianna was a summer analyst with hotelAVE. During this time, she underwrote a property repositioning, helped maintain and expand the company database and assisted in various asset management analyses.

Preceding hotelAVE, she gained experience by competing in a global market study competition at Michigan State University. With a team, Julianna worked extensively with market data to compose and present a feasibility study. As well, she worked at Kohler Hospitality as a Food and Beverage Intern in a Forbes-rated restaurant.

The hotelAVE team combines dedication, collaboration, and breadth of knowledge in the hospitality industry to relay positive results to its clients.

Affiliations and Certifications
  • Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA)
  • Certification in Advanced Hospitality Tourism Analytics (CAHTA)
Has worked at hotelAVE since
Interests and Hobbies

Julianna enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and running.