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Convention hotel, sustainably improving operation margins and unlocking significant real estate value without impacting guest services thru operational
efficiency services.

hotelAVE performed a deep-dive operational review that spanned multiple key areas, including Rooms, Food & Beverage and Property Operations over a 10-week period.

Plan of Action

  • Performed extensive data collection and analysis, including primary data gathered from over 150 hours of field observation.
  • Examined and critiqued the departmental processes involved in delivering guest service.
  • Developed strategies to optimize labor deployment, improve efficiency and reduce other operating costs.
  • Evaluated revenue opportunities for Food & Beverage and other ancillary fees.
  • Collaborated with property leadership to a create balanced set of improvement targets.
  • Tracked weekly results and monitored sustainability for 12 months post-project.

hotelAVE Results

  • Achieved an estimated 9.7% incremental labor efficiency gain vs annual base period.
  • Improved average check in a key Food & Beverage outlet by 26% vs annual base period.
  • After 12 months of installation, the total $1M in incremental opportunity represented 6.8% of base period Gross Operating Profit.
  • The incremental $1M of EBITDA represented over $14M of incremental value (at a 7 cap rate).

Key Contact

Michelle Russo

Founder & CEO