Creating Value - Protecting the Owner's Interests

Hotel Asset Value Enhancement (hotelAVE) is the leading independent and full integraded third-party asset management company. Founded in 2003, the firm has successfully asset managed more than 300 hotel properties and 90,000 guest rooms. hotelAVE presently asset manages 31 full-service and 130 select-service hotels, valued roundly at $5.5 billion. Our clients include many of the world’s largest banks and investment funds.

As a team, we have developed unique hotel asset management techniques, treating each property with an investor’s sense of ownership and entrepreneurial vision. Our real estate asset managers are committed to adding value to your investment with a forward-thinking approach to hospitality consulting.

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As a provider of asset management, advisory, property management, and project management services to the hotel investment community, hotelAVE is dedicated to protecting ownership's investment and pursuing every opportunity to maximize value and achieve above-market returns.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of hotelAVE’s hospitality investment services and strategies for your property today.

hotelAVE - Working to Create Value