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Merande Sek

Senior Executive Assistant

Contact Information

Bachelors of Science, University of Rhode Island Computer Science – Talent Development Alumni

Merande Sek

Senior Executive Assistant

Merande has 1 year of supporting the hotelAVE C-Suite. She is responsible for maximizing team efficiency and managing software information, calendars, and office operations. Merande has successfully introduced new technologies to streamline processes, enhancing overall productivity. Her skills extend to contract management and project efficiency, ensuring smooth and effective workflows.

  • Prior to joining hotelAVE, Merande was a software engineer, where she worked for six years at Innovative Defense Technologies and SimpliSafe.

Merande holds a Computer Science degree. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Rhode Island.

Has worked at hotelAVE since
Interests and Hobbies

During Merande’s free time, she enjoys playing tennis, pickleball, and hiking with the family dog. When indoors, she loves cooking and experimenting with online recipes to create her culinary masterpieces.