Asset Management Through Investment Cycle

Doral Tesoro
Fort Worth, TX

  • Services included underwriting, acquisition due diligence, and development of a strategic asset plan. 
  • Asset managed through disposition, achieving a 62% IRR and a 2.8x equity multiple, excluding gas royalites, during the 2.5 year hold period.
  • Increased NOI by 68% during the first twelve months.
  • Increased RevPAR by 30% and RevPAR Penetration Index by 18%.
  • Re-launched hotel and golf course websites with improved design, SEO, PPC spend, and updated domain names. Transient bookings and ADR increased 22% and 12% respectively.
  • Introduced aspirational comp set of regional resorts, increased and redeployed sales staff, and increased media spend. Group room revenue improved 21% and banquet revenue grew by 14%.
  • Assisted in negotiation of more favorable contract terms for A/V concession and property and general insurance expense.

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Doral Tesoro - Forth Worth, TX