Post Script Hospitality

Post Script Hospitality offers a non-traditional hospitality consulting approach 

Post Script works alongside your team to observe and analyze existing processes in order to improve total operational costs. Post Script installs best practices and efficiency tools, both learned and developed, to fit the nuances of the property. Installed by a 4 man team during a 15-20 week holistic project, the PERfact Operating System ® drives continued communications to monitor compliance and sustain results which instills a culture of continuous improvement. Following the project’s 6-month revisit to review, adjust, and retrain, consider an annual subscription to improve upon the standard year one 3x ROI. Post Script complements both asset management and owner/operator models.

The Post Script team impacts the cost structure by:

  • Observing & interacting with each operating department
  • Implementing and training on process changes focused on scheduling and service execution.
  • Ongoing use by hotel and Post Script of the PERfact Operating System® to monitor compliance and ensure results.
  • The annual service includes a 6-month revisit to review the current operation, adjust processes, train new managers and ongoing monthly monitoring and hotel interaction to ensure that the savings continue to be achieved.

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Whatever the project, Post Script Hospitality is ready to serve your needs.