Northland Inn - Minneapolis, MN

Northland Inn
Minneapolis, MN

Acquisition Due Diligence And Hotel Valuation

A critical part of any potential acquisition

Management strategies that influence long-term investment management – and ultimately potential returns – are a critical part of any potential hotel or resort purchase decision and require thorough consideration and evaluation. 

Independent investment analysis, research, and due diligence are core services offered by hotelAVE’s experienced team, having acquired and disposed of numerous hotel investment properties throughout their respective careers.  Potential investors are encouraged to involve asset managers at the commencement of any due diligence process for assistance in the areas of:

  • Purchase and sale agreement negotiation
  • Operator selection and management contract negotiation
  • Franchise selection and agreement negotiation
  • Investment underwriting
  • Due diligence planning
  • Asset positioning/repositioning recommendations
  • Professional consultant retention (engineering, environmental, market, legal)
  • Capital programming
  • Executive committee member selection
  • Development of a master plan
  • Business plan evaluation
  • Preparation of financing memorandums
  • Accounting and financial system review
  • Preparation of closing statements

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